Carrot Cake- Bukit Timah Food Center


Tried He Zhong Fried Carrot Cake for the first time today! In fact, its my first time eating carrot cake in a long long while. I don’t really eat it often as my opinion of carrot cake has always been #fattening #oily #cloying #fatdieme #lard-ful but… He Zhong’s was pretty darn good!

It wasn’t too oily and was filled with huge chunks of soft, pillow liked radish (aka carrot, thus the name carrot cake). I was able to taste the wok hei from the eggs and the surprising crunch of Cay Poh just seals the deal.

My only gripe was that it became a little too salty; three quarters into the dish. The boyfie’s gripe was that its not “the crispy kind”. In any case, to each its own. I’m just glad I got to try the famous He Zhong Carrot Cake today!

When’s the last time you had fried carrot cake which you’ve never had before?



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