“The Happiness Equation” Book Review


I, for one, don’t really like reading per se. I read really slowly and I would need 100% focus, 200% stillness and 300% determination in order to finish a book. However, its my resolution to read more this year and so I try.


I don’t quite remember what the book is about too; I do suffer from STM (short term memory/ selective temporary memory). According to my boss, he says we remember the things that we don’t agree with, the most. Hence, I guess the strongest takeaway I got from Neil Pasricha’s The Happiness Equation book is that one should work.

He mentioned that work gives you the 3S’s- Social Structure & Stimulation. Work enriches your social life it gives you interaction and social stimulation. Work allows you to have some structure; it gives you just the right amount of time for resting/ eating & your passion. Lastly, work stimulates you, it lets you learn, allows you to basically work your brain. I guess in a way that’s true… Exhibit A: My mum was super lost when she retired . Ironically, instead of feeling liberated, she actually felt trapped and confused for awhile.

In a nut shell, Neil’s book is very readable, leaves you feeling positive and helps you reflect upon your life. I took ages to read this book as its my “transportation book” (aka the book I read when I’m on the bus/ in the train etc. and I would always feel happier and more optimistic after several pages. I highly recommend this to anyone who’s going through a crisis/ phase.

Today, I completed Neil’s Pasricha’s The Happiness Equation Book.When was the last time you completed a book?



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