Salted Egg Yolk Pork Floss (Fragrance Brand)

I’m sure the ducks are quacking out loud! There’s suddenly a surge in demand for salted egg yolk. Everything can be salted-egg-yolk-fied, be it ice cream, chips, coookies, bread, cake and now pork floss?

Fragrance Brand Crispy Pirk Floss

Mum bought some from Fragrance Brand and apparently she paid $20+for 2 packets of crispy pork floss (1 plain and 1 with salted egg yolk flavour which is apparently called “Golden Sands” Crispy Pork Floss.

Golden Sands Crispy Pork Floss

I was quite impressed with the packaging, it was packed nicely into a plastic tray which was enveloped by a air tight zip lock packet- neat! So was the golden sands worth the extra few bucks? Honestly, initially, I couldn’t really taste the difference It was really faint and if there wasn’t any curry leaves I wouldn’t have realize the zeng in flavour. However, after tasting the plain one and then back to the salted egg yolk version, I could tell that there was a difference.

In short, there’s a difference! but really slight. It does taste like salted egg yolk but a little too mild for my liking. They say “big or go home” right?

I had some generation Z pork floss today. When was the last time you ate something traditional but with a modern twist?


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