Decathlon Wind Breaker

I love shopping at Decathlon! I think the entire idea of having a Walmart look alike, selling outdoor/ sports equipment is so damn ingenious! Just entering the shop makes me want to go camping, hiking, fishing, running, swimming, cycling and the list goes on…


I’ve been to Decathlon @ CitySquare mall a couple of times but always left empty handed. This time, I bought a wind breaker to wear after my gym workout. I think it’s called Helium Wind 100 Anti UV Wind Proof Jacket. It claims to be protect against UV rays UPF 50 and is wind proof. UV protection wise, I have no clue but I do like how its super light and sorta blocks out the wind. I wore it after a gym workout and I was still perspiring from within, hence can’t really gauge its wind proof capabilities. I can however tell you that its 100% not water resistant lol, it was sticking to my skin as the sweat drips down from my back.

In any case, its a pretty good buy for just $19.90! Does the job of helping prevent chills. I bought something from Decathlon today! When was the last time you bought something from Decathlon?


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