Pablo Chocolate Cheese Tart

Tried Pablo Chocolate Cheese Mini Tart and… *drum roll*.. I really don’t get the hype. I’m not too sure whether I’ve picked the wrong flavour or the baker just didn’t have a good day but the chocolate tasted cheap, the tart shell tasted lao hong (colloquial slang for soggy and unfresh) & I couldn’t taste a single bit of cheese.

pablo mini.jpg

I guess not everything chocolate-fied is good. Maybe I should have stuck to the ordinary cheese tart instead.

For those who don’t know Pablo Cheese Tart originated from Osaka and has been really popular due to its molten interior. I had mine at Manila as there aren’t any in Singapore (as of now) though I’m pretty sure it will start retailing here real soon. Singaporeans are suckers for fad, so why not?

I tried Pablo Cheese Tart today. Why was the last time you tried a new dessert?


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