Soup Spoon New Menu

I’m a great fan of soup spoon and always look forward to their Souperchef specials. I remembered the very first souperchef specials (Simon & Garfunkel which is now known as SG chicken & mushroom ragout). I absolutely loved it and had a self shiok moment when they placed that in their main menu. Sorry I digress.

I think Soup Spoon has got it right, they’ve launched at the right time, gotten marketing spot on, expanded and included other variant and I love how they allow you to sample the soup! Only grip is that they are increasingly expensive and portions are getting much smaller…but then I’m still a sucker for their soups.

Anyway, I tried their souperchef specials this time round and I must say their Salmon  Miso Jigae was pretty darn good. It’s filled with chunks of Salmon, Tofu and mushrooms (albeit more tofu than slamon); a really hearty dish! salmon-jigae

We tried the Soulful Vegan Chilli as well. I haven’t really had authentic chilli but I’m pretty sure this ain’t one. Nevertheless, its packed with loads of spices and was very satisfying. I would however recommend you skip the topping which are pieces of tortilla chips (seemed more like bread to me). It tasted stale and had this really awful oil after taste.


I highly urge you to try soup spoon’s souperchef specials as they’re pretty darn good! If you’re afraid to commit to the flavour, do ask to sample the soups before ordering. I tried a new flavour today, when was the last time you tried a new flavour of soup/ dish or just about anything?


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