Best Coffee Butter Cake

Not a great fan of butter cake but this is a winner.

coffee butter cake 2

I tried a couple of recipes from and I must say most of her recipes/ adapted recipes are pretty outstanding.

Her coffee butter cake is a recipe adapted from Mrs Ng Sk’s butter cake, which apparently is pretty famous as well. #bestcoffeebuttercake IMO

I’ve basically followed her entire recipe exactly, except for the following revisions:

  • Cut the 100g sugar (added to butter) to 80g
  • Used (200g plain flour – 1 table spoon + 1 table spoon baking powder) instead of 200g self raising flour; which I didn’t have on hand. *just remember to sieve it once*
  • I used Trung Nguyen Instant coffee powder which had the kick I needed
  • I doubled the coffee emulco as well since I’m a huge fan of coffee

The cake is to die for. Not overly sweet (in fact 100g of sugar might be ideal, mine was a little bland per se). It is aw so moist and fluffy; sort of like the love child of a chiffon & a butter cake.

Coffee Butter Cake

I highly recommend this recipe, its pretty straight forward, not too time consuming & yields one hella delicious butter cake!

I tried a new recipe today. When was the last time you tried a new recipe?


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