Sinigang-Filipino Food

I love trying new food! Especially when it ends up tasting good.

I was in Philippines a couple of weeks back and tried Beef Sinigang at Elias restaurant. Sinigang is basically the pinoy version of tomyum soup aka calmansi soup. I had a domestic helper, 20 years back who used to make damn awesome Fish Sinigang! I was tempted to try Elias’s fish sinigang but I was afraid the fish might have too many bones, making it tedious to devour.


Elias’s Beef Sinigang was packed with tons of beef chunks and vegetables. At PHP 495 (SGD 15) this bowl of soup is pretty worth it. I just wished there were more people dining as the entire menu looks enticing! I went to the outlet at high street and thought the ambience was pretty welcoming.

I tried a long forgotten dish some time back. When was the last time you tried a long forgotten dish?


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