Seafood White Bee Hoon -Bukit Timah Food Center

Singapore is all about food fad. I guess it all started with bubble tea, then came donuts, froyo, cheese tarts etc.etc.

The not so new food fad is white bee hoon, in particular cray fish/ lala white bee hoon. I’ve been having the one at Bukit Timah quite often after our sunday morning walks and boy does this dish feed a village!

I think flavour wise, I prefer the one at Ang Mo Kio market (Blessings Seafood White Bee Hoon) but the portion given here at Prosperity is huge! Granted its $15, but it can feed 3 famished good sized pax.

Crayfish Bee Hoon.jpg
Cray Fish, Slice Fish & La La White Bee Hoon – $15

Want value for money white bee hoon? head down to Bukit Timah Food Center’s Prosperity Seafood White Bee Hoon!

I had something for a steal today not really today, when was the last time you had something value for money?


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