10 things nobody told you about AJ Hackett Bungy Jump

“Go big or go home”

-they said

I tried AJ Hackett’s Nevis Bungy jump- New Zealand’s highest bungy jump! Imagine 8.5 seconds of free fall, jumping from a 134 metres-high-suspended-cabin and a life time of bragging….#bestdecisionever

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 12.09.19 AM.png
Nevis Bungy Jump: you would have to jump from a suspended cabin

I must admit the very last millisecond before you jump will probably be the scariest millisecond of your life but the eternity post that would make you feel invincible! You know what they say, “what doesn’t kill you make you stronger” right? For the record, nobody died during the jumps done under AJ Hackett; at least that’s what the operator claimed.

View from the top: Nevis River

Here’s 10 things you probably wished you knew before heading for the Nevis Bungy Jump at Queenstown (New Zealand)

  1. It is not cheap. I paid NZD 275 for the Nevis jump; most jumps cost more than NZD 100.
  2. It is & will be worth it.
    You might be slapping yourself a million times and regretting your reckless decision but everything changes when you take that leap. That boost in self confidence & fearlessness is priceless. I believe you only live life to its fullest when you do not fear death.
  3. Book earlier (30 days in advance) to enjoy a NZD 25 off. You can also get combo deals: http://www.bungy.co.nz/activities/hot-deals-combos
  4. Buy the video. Trust me, everything happens so quickly, you’ll probably be done with the jump even before you complete a prayer. The video isn’t of superb quality but it does remind you of what happened and probably would invoke some short lived feelings you had before & during the jump. The video doesn’t come cheap though but I think its the 2nd best decision I’ve made that day.
  5. It really takes about 3.5 – 4 hrs to & fro, depending on how lucky you are.  The journey to Nevis jump site is 45 mins away from Queenstown city center. Take that, multiply by 2, and add a total jumping time of 45 mins (including those together with you), add in 30 mins of total briefing time, add 20 mins of transaction time (getting lockers, buying videos/ pictures, etc.) + 15 mins of waiting for others at Kawarau Bridge Jump. It really depends on how lucky you are- how many people you’re grouped with & how long you have to wait for the transport. Since the jumping sites are quite a distance away, AJH tries to maximize the transport to & fro. On the ride back, I got onto a bigger bus and so there were many empty spaces which meant I had to wait for the jumpers at Kawarau bridge jump to hop onto the bus.
  6. There will be lockers provided for your personal belongings, @ NZD 1. It would be better if you had small change with you.
  7. Do not look down. The bus ride up will taunt you, the “elevator” taking you to the suspended cabin would scare the life out of you but whatever it is… DO NOT LOOK DOWN before you jump. Looking down just makes you more afraid of jumping. What you should try to do is look forward at some mountain and try to jump towards it… (which brings me to my next point…)
  8. You will not be able to “jump”. Its more like a bungy fall than a bungy jump. Before you jump, your ankles will be strapped with weights and hooked to this huge funnel like thing which connects your legs to the main cable; all of which weighs a ton and prevents you from having a parabolic dive. *imagine how a corgi tries to jump into the water*
  9. This is the only time when you don’t want to be the lightest weighing. The jump is organized according ti your weight, beginning with the heaviest & ending with the lightest. If you’re an asian woman, sit back & relax, chances are you’ll have endure seeings others jump before you take your leap.
  10. Yank the shit out of the left rope. Your legs are basically tied together and linked with a rope (which would be on your left hand side). You’re suppose to pull the rope to the left in order to free your legs so that you can ascend upright. I think they are misleading when they say pull; it should be more of a “yank the shit out of the rope” than pull.

I wish I could upload the video of my jump here but since I only have the free version of wordpress I can’t do so. PM/email me should you have any other questions.


I bungy jumped for the first time today. When was the last time you tried something as nerve wrecking?

*Big smiles* for I survived


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