5 things I’d steal from New Zealand

If I can bring New Zealand to you, I would.

New Zealand’s South Island is so darn pretty, even the clouds make me happy.

Here are some of the stuff I wished I could steal from New Zealand.

1. Automated Check in!

If you’re looking for somewhere affordable & near Christchurch airport, look no further! Jucy Snooze is not only 15mins walk away (Asian walking rate) from Christchurch Int Airport, its clean, convenient & a fuzz free check-in! All you need is your passport & your itinerary no. / booking no. / email address and you’ll get your keys in less than 3 mins! Check out is easy as well, just dump your keys at the 24hr reception! Only gripe is its kinda small but hey for SGD92 a night (private en-suite) it’s pretty darn affordable.

Check in Machine @ Jucy Snooze Christchurch

2. Locally Produced Yoghurt!

I love yoghurt! Period. I love it so much I can eat a 1kg tub all at 1 go! that’s if I don’t get the runs. I think I’ve tried a fair bit of locally produced yoghurt & I absolutely love these 2 brands! Puhoi Valley & The Collective Dairy! I wish I can bring them back in cartons!


Oh, apparently Cold Storage (selected outlets) carries The Collective Dairy’s yoghurt! but its sooo much more expensive 😦 It’s almost twice the price @ SGD9.

3. Up & Go! Chocolate Milk

It’s cool how they call this a liquid breakfast lol. Sanitarium’s Up & Go Chocolate milk is my go to “fuel” whenever we go hiking. It tastes best when chilled though. It can be a little too thick for Asian’s liking but I LOVE IT!!!


Oh ya, this can be found in Cold Storage too but yes yes, at an exorbitant price 😦

4. Fergberg Burger

No burger ever got me dreaming of them, no burger except Fergberg’s! I wish we have these here in Singapore. The portion is good, the flavours are to die for, the patties are juicy, the buns are fluffy, omg.. is it crazy to be orgasming over burger?!

Just the right ratio of fat: meat

5. Food Truck

It’s my life long dream to own a food truck! I wish I can steal Francesca’s food truck back. Have you ever seen a wood fire oven in a food truck?! #toocool


We had our first food truck experience at Pedro’s Lamb in Christchurch, it was good but not great. However, 2 food trucks in Wanaka got me going cray cray over them. Located along Brownston Street, south island! sorry I meant that and Roy’s peak of course.

look at those pepperoni! NZD20
Beef Burrito @ NZD15

There you go, 5 things I would steal from New Zealand, in a heart beat!

I’ve tried so many new things this time round, when was the last time you tried something new?



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