Food Review: Red Eye Smokehouse at Jalan Besar

Located near Jalan Besar (1 Cavan Road), Red Eye Smokehouse satisfies your meat cravings 100grams at a time! Yeah, you can order the meat by weight – best for greedy people like me.

Photo 9-4-17, 7 24 36 PM
Simple counter with fuss free ordering

If you’ll like to sample 1 of everything then I guess the BBQ platter for 2 @$65 is perfect. The table next to us ordered that and it looked sooo good. I don’t quite like chicken wings & sausages and hence skipped the platter & ordered individually.

They serve the pork ribs, beef ribs and chicken by the bone hence no 100g orders for these. We initially wanted to order 100g of every meat offered (except chicken wings & sausages & lamb-which they ran out off that night; however the waitress warned us that its too much for 2 and we should go slow.

Little did she know…little did she know….But seriously, look at the portion below, for 2?! really? I can easily finish that myself =P In any case, its the first time a waitress actually say we are ordering too much lol.

Back to the meat. I don’t quite like my meat fatty; Red Eye Smokehouse’s meats were slightly fatty but not the gross kind, more of the marbly fatty kind which I’m sure most carnivores would love. Meats were all very tender & juicy, although the edges were kinda too salty. Pull pork was decent but not the best pull pork I had. For sides, I highly recommend the sweet potato fries & the corn bread! The maple corn bread was soooo delicious! It’s dense, moist & had a pleasant sweet nutty taste. Basically everything you would expect from a muffin but better!

Photo 9-4-17, 7 31 19 PM

The smoked chicken was a little too salty for our liking. Nonetheless, its super tender & juicy.

Photo 9-4-17, 7 54 33 PM
Smoked Chicken @ $6

We were pleasantly surprise by this sweet potato poutine. I don’t really fancy poutine as I like my fries crispy but for a poutine, Red Eye’s Smokehouse’s sweet potato version is pretty darn good. Topped with meat and a healthy douse of bbq sauce, the sweet potato fries absolutely irresistible!

Photo 9-4-17, 7 54 29 PM
Sweet Potato Poutine Fries @ $12

I think if you really want value for money meat then just DIY at home. Alternatively, for a hella less work, you can head to Redeye Smokehouse. I’m not too sure if its considered pricey; comparing to meat smith @ Telok Ayer Street, RESH is definitely a whole lot better & cheaper.

They were a little slow on service, considering the fact that most of the meats are already cooked. Then again, their warm service & no GST & service charge kinda made up for it. 🙂

I tried a new BBQ haunt today, when was the last time you tried a new BBQ haunt?


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