Food Review: Legendary Hong Kong @Jurong Point

Tucked away at the mid section of the bustling “Little Mong Kok” on level 3 Jurong Point, is a deceptively large char chan teng called Lengendary Hong Kong. Upon entering, one might assume they are entering yet another version of a Hong Kong Xin Wang Cafe but that’s when you’re wrong! Lengendary HK is so big, I reckon it can hold more than 100 guests! I was blown away by how closely it resembles a typical Hong Kong Char Chan Teng; with brown & white tiled flooring and retro cushioned metal chairs.

My friend & I weren’t that hungry and so we ordered some dim sum to share. I love places which serve all day breakfast & all day dimsum! As if life is not filled with enough constraints, why are we putting a time element to food?!

The Liu Sha Pau (Custard Bun) came in a pig form. I personally don’t quite care about the appearance of my food; for me its always going to be taste>portion size>aesthetics. Unfortunately, Lengendary HK’s Liu Sha Pau didn’t quite make the mark. The custard didn’t have that oomph and the bun was way to thick for such small amount of custard.

Photo 18-3-17, 6 22 58 PM
$4.50 for 3

Dim sum is never complete without Mai Lai Gao! Lengendary HK’s version is not as good as the one we had at Tim Ho Wan (Hong kong’s version is better than the SG) but its still pretty decent.

Photo 18-3-17, 6 18 45 PM
Mai Lai Gao @$4

LHK’s Char Siew Pau is really sad. The pau skin is fluffy and decent but the filling is really pathetically skimpy & just salty.

Photo 18-3-17, 6 23 09 PM
Char Siew Pau @ $4 for 3

Mini egg tarts weren’t too bad, pastry was flaky and egg tarts weren’t that sweet.

Photo 18-3-17, 6 13 43 PM
Mini Egg Tart @ $4 for 3

Their Char Siew was surprisingly good. I prefer leaner meat but that’s just me. Flavour wise, LHK’s char siew might be alittle too sweet for some but I love it!

Photo 18-3-17, 6 15 36 PM
Char Siew @ $10.80

I was so impressed with Legendary Hong Kong I had to return to try their other items on their menu. On my 2nd visit, we ordered the XO fried turnip cake. It was highly raved by a few food bloggers but I thought it was way too oily. It is no doubt crispy but every bite oozes oil! :/

Photo 8-4-17, 7 46 38 PM
XO Fried Turnip Cake @ $5.50

Many raved about LHK’s noodles. I thought it was pretty decent. Although, I didn’t go all Wanton noodle crazy when I was in Hong Kong, I did have my fair share of Hong Kong noodles and I must say LHK’s noodles tasted just like those, back in Hong Kong. Hence, that’s a big thumbs up from me!

Photo 8-4-17, 7 47 11 PM
Beef Brisket & Tendon @ $7.80

I was telling mum (my date for the 2nd visit) how awesome the char siew was and so we had ourselves the Char Siew + Roasted Duck (BBQ twin combo). Apparently, LHK’s roasted duck are the London Fat Duck breed. I like my meat lean hence didn’t really appreciate the fatty duck meat. Those who like their duck juicy & fatty should definitely try LHK’s.

Photo 8-4-17, 7 45 19 PM
BBQ twin combo (Duck + Char siew) @ $16.80

I’ve been to Lengendary Hong Kong twice and I don’t think I have eaten 10% of what they offer. Do check out their extensive menu here:

In short. LHK is definitely a must visit if you’re at Jurong Point albeit I wouldn’t come all the way to Jurong for them. I’ve tried a new dim sum joint today, when was the last time you tried a new dim sum joint?


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