Xing Hua Family Restaurant

I guess its the way I was brought up…my fams and I seldom opt for Chinese cuisine when dining out as my mum always thinks its a waste of money/ she can do it better (which is actually true in some cases).

However, not for Xing Hua Family Restaurant at least. I was introduced by my colleague and has been a fan ever since. I’ve dine at the yishun outlet a couple of times and never knew they had one nearer my place, at 102 Towner Road!

One shouldn’t miss out on their signature white lor mee dish! Its packed with ingredients and super delicious. The noodles taste a little like U mian but way better. Oh! and that broth …mmmm… a little bit creamy and super flavorful!

Xing Hua Style Braised Noodle @ $12 (medium size)

But if braised noodles ain’t your kinda thing then try their fried mee sua! It’s just as good! Their small portion is just nice for 1 person hence do order medium if you’re planning to share them.

Xing Hua Braised Mee Sua @ $5.50 (small)

I’m not really a sweet & sour pork fan but I thought the lychee added a nice kick to the entire dish. Dad did mention the pork was a little on the hard/ drier side.

Sweet & Sour Pork w lychee @ $9 (small)

The braised pork ribs weren’t as great as the ones I had the previous visit. This batch was a little tougher and drier. However, I was really impressed by this dish during my previous visit as it wasn’t too salty and the meat was flavourful + not that boney. I guess it all boils down to your luck then :X

Braised Pork Rib @$22 (medium)

Their bitter gourd fried egg is another dish which I craved for! The bitter gourd wasn’t overdone and the eggs still had that nice silky texture to them. Imagine chewing onto crunchy bitter gourd amidst the soft velvety eggs *drools*

Bitter Gourd Fried Egg @$12 (medium)

I’m saving the best for last. These crispy fried yam is the sole reason why I yearn to dine at Xing Hua; and mind you, I’m not a fan of fried food. These crispy fried yam is just way too good! It’s thinly coated which gives a nice crispy exterior, yet maintaining a super tender and indulgent core. I like how its also not too sweet which keeps you wanting more! Oh be careful though, it’s really really REALLY piping hot when its served. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve burnt my tongue while eating these.

Crispy Fried Yam @ $9 (small)

Xing Hua remains one of my go to places when mum decides not to cook. I so happy they have an outlet at Towner Road which is a stone’s throw away from Boon Keng MRT. Only downside is, its really stuffy inside, despite having air condition-ing! I reckon its the position of the aircon and fans. In any case, choose the seat nearer to the doors and you’ll be fine.

This isn’t my first time trying Xing hua, I guess it won’t be my last either!


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