Astons Steak & Salad Review

Had dinner at Astons: Singapore’s very own homegrown chain. Dad and bro used to have Astons quite often, back in those days where inflation wasn’t in your face and businesses didn’t have to cut corners. They have since reduce the visits due to reduced portion sizes and lack of quality control. I seldom have Astons but when I do, I usually go for their hickory BBQ chicken.

Anyways, the boy and I decided to have Astons Steak & Salad at Marina Square as we were around the vicinity and I was pleasantly surprised by their salad bar. It had everything! From Salsa & Guacamole with chips to baby pink radish, from 3 different types of soup to fried wedges, from fresh fruits to tasting cheese, ok you get the drift right… basically everything. Then again, there were huge hits and misses. Firstly, for $19.90 (just salad bar) I think it’s alittle pricey. Yes you have almost everything a person wants in a salad but then again its just salad right?  Name it semi buffet and increase the quality and then we’re talking $19.90. I’m sorry I know I should have taken some pictures of the salad bar but I afraid I would get judged lol.. nah seriously I simply forgot to take a pic.

Then again, I’m pleasantly surprised by the fact that they had alfafa, pink radish, beet root, fresh button mushrooms and even attempted sauerkraut! albeit didn’t taste like one. But that’s about it, fresh veggies were the hit and the rest were a miss. Their soups tasted like those from the cans, mixed pasta tasted weird, fried food was alittle soggy, gucamole was very jelatine-y and the list goes on. In a nut shell, as a free side to a main, its a pretty good offering but for $19.90 its pretty pricey.

Moving on, the boy had the T bone steak as they were having an offer (I reckon it is 30+ after discount?). The T bone was cooked to a tee #punintended. I guess I would have liked it med rare but the boy quite liked it medium. I got to enjoy a little rare-r parts nearer to the bone. The fries were good albeit some a little soggy.


I ordered the lamb T bone which sadly weren’t that good. For one, I was flabbergasted at the portion, that costs $39.90 ok…how’s that even a T bone? I didn’t even had a whole lot of meat as 40% of it were fats and another 40% of it were bones. Flavour wise, I was glad that it didn’t have that overly gamey taste but it didn’t wow me either. I was glad they offered free salad with every mains as I would have been really pissed should I only had a few pieces of lamb.

Lamb T Bone @ $39.90

Overall, I think Astons is still a nice place to pig out and dine with a big group. There are a couple of hits and misses; can’t quite decide which has more counts. The outlet at Marina Square has a couple of daily promotions for dinner so do check it out!

This is the first time I’ve dined at Astons Steak & Salad restaurant, when was the first time you dined a Astons?


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