Nesuto- Japanese styled cake cafe

Nesuto, which apparently means Nest in Japanese, is a dainty looking cake shop tucked among the shop houses along Tras Street. It’s not very outstanding/ impressive looking from outside but boy is it pretty inside.


It’s actually opened by the folks behind SHUU and I was very much intrigued by them during my visit. Tennis playmates + idea + somebody who can bake (ex hotel pastry chef) = chouz pastry shop + cake shop! That’s basically the story behind the pretty looking pastries.

The cakes are mostly Japanese inspired, with the finest ingredients flow in from Japan. They are mostly airy, infused with some sort of creme and very delicate. They are known for cake + tea pairing so do try out their array of tea selection. I’m not really a Japanese cake fan ( I love dense and rustic American cakes) nor a tea lover hence I honestly can’t appreciate it. In retrospect, I enjoyed the ambience & the warm service much more than the cakes itself.

The Foret Noire ($9.80) and Suzette ($9.80)

To save you from drowning in a potential pool of text. Here’s the breakdown:

Foret Noire– Cherry + Chocolate combi. It is the most dense out of the 3 cakes we ordered but I found it a little too sweet. The cherry wasn’t tart enough to complement and hence everything was pretty much on the same note- sweet.

Suzette- Orange flavoured cake. It’s suppose to mimic the crepe suzette but I thought it was a far cry from a crepe Suzette. It is very one dimensional and was way too sweet for my liking.

Sesame Swirl @$9

Sesame Swirl: Vanilla sponge + Sesame creme + Almond crumble on top. My favourite would be the sesame swirl, albeit I still found it too sweet for my liking. The almond crumble topping tasted a lot like the chinese new year almond cookie which really complemented the fluffy nutty sponge cake. One of the co-owner mentioned that the sesame paste is specially flown in from Japan and I don’t doubt him one bit. It really taste different- its more delicate and much more fragrant.

My friend ordered their oriental red tea and it tasted a lot like an English breakfast tea. Then again, as I have mentioned, I’m no tea lover; let alone a connoisseur.

Having said that, I really enjoyed myself at Nesuto. I enjoyed interacting with the 3 passionate owners; listening to their “life stories” and how each cake is conceptualized. Sadly, I simply don’t think I’m their target audience but please do check them out should you like Japanese cakes!

I checked out a Japanese cake cafe today, when was the last time you tried a Japanese cake cafe?

53 Tras Street, #01-01, Singapore 078992 (Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 8.30pm (Mon-Sun)



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