Gyromania @ 9 Circular Road

I’m a sucker for Mediterranean food but its a little expensive to have it on a weekly basis. I was at circular road for a meeting and I googled “cheap eats at circular road”; you know, CBD and its expensive atas eateries. One of the search results brought me to Gyromania and I think I found my new greek heaven.

Gyromania is not exactly super cheap -meat plates cost ~ $18-$19, burgers ~$15 but you can get gyros for less than $10. There were 4 of us and so we ordered some dishes to share.

If you’re a fan of dips then you definitely ahve to try their dips platter. I think we ordered the 5 dips platter for ~$40+ but they do have 3 dips for $25.80. All their dips were great! but the star of the mezedes was the pita bread. It was crisp on the outside & soft and chewy inside. I swear I can eat this platter all day everyday.

5 dips mezedes – $40+

Their mousaka was also super delicious! I’ve tried mousaka (baked eggplant with cheese) a couple of times and none of it tasted this good! It wasn’t too oily nor too salty; albeit just a teeny weeny bit on the expensive side. Then again, this dish feeds at least 3 people so… do your maths.

Mousaka  -$27.80  

We had their chicken gyros meat plate which was hugeeeee. I honestly doubt anybody can finish it by themselves. I thought the chicken was alittle on the dry side but it was flavourful and went really well with that creamy mustard sauce.

Chicken Gyros Meat Plate – $18.80

Ok google lied. Gyromania isn’t exactly the kind of cheap weekday lunch you can have but for authentic greek food, this is pretty much affordable. I have never gone to Greece but the difficulty in communicating with the server/ chef should show some authenticity in their offerings. I swear I had no idea what he was muttering so I asked him to just order for 4 people.

I would definitely come back just for the dips alone! I finally had Greek food for the first time, after a long long while. When was the last time you had Greek food?


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