Gyromania @ 9 Circular Road

I’m a sucker for Mediterranean food but its a little expensive to have it on a weekly basis. I was at circular road for a meeting and I googled “cheap eats at circular road”; you know, CBD and its expensive atas eateries. One of the search results brought me to Gyromania and I think I found my new greek heaven. Gyromania is not exactly super … Continue reading Gyromania @ 9 Circular Road

Book Review- The 5 Love Languages

I’ve read an article, couple of years back, which shared a snippet of this book, and thought to myself “That’s a very interesting way of looking at a relationship between 2 parties..” Fast forward a few years, I’m done with this book and now I’m thinking to myself “Damn girl, these languages are legit!” For those who have not read the book, the book basically … Continue reading Book Review- The 5 Love Languages

Nesuto- Japanese styled cake cafe

Nesuto, which apparently means Nest in Japanese, is a dainty looking cake shop tucked among the shop houses along Tras Street. It’s not very outstanding/ impressive looking from outside but boy is it pretty inside. It’s actually opened by the folks behind SHUU and I was very much intrigued by them during my visit. Tennis playmates + idea + somebody who can bake (ex hotel … Continue reading Nesuto- Japanese styled cake cafe

Astons Steak & Salad Review

Had dinner at Astons: Singapore’s very own homegrown chain. Dad and bro used to have Astons quite often, back in those days where inflation wasn’t in your face and businesses didn’t have to cut corners. They have since reduce the visits due to reduced portion sizes and lack of quality control. I seldom have Astons but when I do, I usually go for their hickory … Continue reading Astons Steak & Salad Review