Book Review- The 5 Love Languages

I’ve read an article, couple of years back, which shared a snippet of this book, and thought to myself “That’s a very interesting way of looking at a relationship between 2 parties..” Fast forward a few years, I’m done with this book and now I’m thinking to myself “Damn girl, these languages are legit!” For those who have not read the book, the book basically … Continue reading Book Review- The 5 Love Languages

“The Happiness Equation” Book Review

  I, for one, don’t really like reading per se. I read really slowly and I would need 100% focus, 200% stillness and 300% determination in order to finish a book. However, its my resolution to read more this year and so I try. I don’t quite remember what the book is about too; I do suffer from STM (short term memory/ selective temporary memory). … Continue reading “The Happiness Equation” Book Review