Seafood White Bee Hoon -Bukit Timah Food Center

Singapore is all about food fad. I guess it all started with bubble tea, then came donuts, froyo, cheese tarts etc.etc. The not so new food fad is white bee hoon, in particular cray fish/ lala white bee hoon. I’ve been having the one at Bukit Timah quite often after our sunday morning walks and boy does this dish feed a village! I think flavour … Continue reading Seafood White Bee Hoon -Bukit Timah Food Center

Sinigang-Filipino Food

I love trying new food! Especially when it ends up tasting good. I was in Philippines a couple of weeks back and tried Beef Sinigang at Elias restaurant. Sinigang is basically the pinoy version of tomyum soup aka calmansi soup. I had a domestic helper, 20 years back who used to make damn awesome Fish Sinigang! I was tempted to try Elias’s fish sinigang but … Continue reading Sinigang-Filipino Food

Best Coffee Butter Cake

Not a great fan of butter cake but this is a winner. I tried a couple of recipes from and I must say most of her recipes/ adapted recipes are pretty outstanding. Her coffee butter cake is a recipe adapted from Mrs Ng Sk’s butter cake, which apparently is pretty famous as well. #bestcoffeebuttercake IMO I’ve basically followed her entire recipe exactly, except for the … Continue reading Best Coffee Butter Cake

Nanjing Impressions

Nanjing Impressions was gaining traction amongst the foodie bloggers a while back and I thought I should try it once the fad dies down. We were there on a Saturday evening and waited approximately 20 mins before we could get a table for 4. Nanjing Impressions is located at Plaza Singapura (new wing) Level 4 and is basically a concept restaurant; taking you all the … Continue reading Nanjing Impressions

Soup Spoon New Menu

I’m a great fan of soup spoon and always look forward to their Souperchef specials. I remembered the very first souperchef specials (Simon & Garfunkel which is now known as SG chicken & mushroom ragout). I absolutely loved it and had a self shiok moment when they placed that in their main menu. Sorry I digress. I think Soup Spoon has got it right, they’ve … Continue reading Soup Spoon New Menu

Pablo Chocolate Cheese Tart

Tried Pablo Chocolate Cheese Mini Tart and… *drum roll*.. I really don’t get the hype. I’m not too sure whether I’ve picked the wrong flavour or the baker just didn’t have a good day but the chocolate tasted cheap, the tart shell tasted lao hong (colloquial slang for soggy and unfresh) & I couldn’t taste a single bit of cheese. I guess not everything chocolate-fied … Continue reading Pablo Chocolate Cheese Tart

Decathlon Wind Breaker

I love shopping at Decathlon! I think the entire idea of having a Walmart look alike, selling outdoor/ sports equipment is so damn ingenious! Just entering the shop makes me want to go camping, hiking, fishing, running, swimming, cycling and the list goes on… I’ve been to Decathlon @ CitySquare mall a couple of times but always left empty handed. This time, I bought a … Continue reading Decathlon Wind Breaker